Twitter bot that converts Twitter threads into an easy-to-read blog format

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This listing is for Threadio, a Micro-SaaS in the Technology niche. The target audience for this project are highly active twitter users.

Threadio is a Twitter bot that converts Twitter threads into an easy-to-read blog format. Users can mention @threadio on any tweet of a thread and it returns a URL with the thread converted into a simple text page along with images or videos.

Users also have the option to convert the thread into a PDF once a thread has been saved.

Use case: 

  • Twitter’s thread readability can be annoying, Threadio makes it simple.
  • Sharing a single URL with all tweets on the same page is much better than having to share a tweet thread that may be deleted anytime.
  • Free PDF conversion

Competitors – First mover in the niche with 500k+ followers and 5M+ monthly visitors. Not offering free PDF conversions like Threadio. – Second most users in the niche but not fully focused on twitter threads. Not offering free PDF conversions like Threadio.

Others – Some smaller ones that keep popping up but none with the features of Threadio.

Reason for selling

The project requires more resources to reach its full potential which I do not have at the moment. There is a clear path to grow for someone that can invest a little time and resources and take market share from the competition.

I am open to selling a part of the equity and staying on to help with growth and development.



Traffic Details

This project has had 100 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 2 primary ways: Search Engines and Twitter.

Revenue Details

This is a pre-revenue product and has not yet earned any revenue.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Highly active twitter users

What are your traffic sources?

Search Engines, Twitter

What is your tech stack or platform?

React JS, AWS

Why are you selling this project?

Not enough time and resources for growth and further development

How would you grow the project?

I would focus on adding and a "save to notion" feature (which is developed but needs testing) and then users growth by either twitter ads or mass following of competitors followers and offering them to try out our product which is superior in features even in the free version.

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