Proddducts is a gamified app and newsletter that takes you to random websites with every click and emails 5 useful websites every week.

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This listing is for Proddducts, a Newsletter in the Technology niche. The target audience for this project are everyone who find this website useful. I added website for developer, designer, and normal techy people..

A gamified website that takes you to random websites with every click. This website is attached to the newsletter that sends 5 useful websites every week.
The reason I made the website gamified is people spend more time on the website and the website gets more shares and increases newsletter subscribers.
Still not added sponsorship spots. All sales come from my digital products. It has a Twitter account that tweets top websites from product hunt, ShowHN, & Internet is a beautiful subReddit.
There are lots of ways you can grow the platform. But I didn’t because I’m busy with other things.
  1. Change the stack and use webflow. create individual pages for every useful website. Increases your organic traffic.
  2. Create articles for every category of useful websites. eg. best social media schedular, best MacBook apps, best productivity apps. – this will help you get more people on your website you can use popups to increase subscribers.
  3. I see Twitter can be great to get visitors to this website. You can write weekly threads on one website and give people why it’s better and what its pros and cons you can tag that website’s Twitter handle and founder handle to get retweets and get their audience on your website.
  4. Well if you have already an established audience you can also create a thread on the useful websites and link this at the bottom.
  5. You can ask for other Twitter accounts to include the platform in their useful websites thread for $$$.
  6. To make more profits you can add weekly sponsor picks in-hero.
  7. You can add affiliate products in articles and newsletters to make more revenue streams.

Traffic Details

This project has had 2,500 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 2 primary ways: Reddit and Twitter.

Revenue Details

This project has earned $208 in revenue in the last 12 months. It earns revenue in 4 primary ways: Affiliate, Digital Product, Info Product and Newsletter.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Everyone who find this website useful. I added website for developer, designer, and normal techy people.

What are your traffic sources?

Reddit, Twitter

What is your tech stack or platform?

Carrd, Beehiiv, Selfhosted link shortner

Why are you selling this project?

I have other projects that required my more time.

How would you grow the project?

Twitter and content marketing for surely take this project to next level.

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