Passive To Active Voice Converter

Passive to Active Voice Converter is a professional online tool to help writers improve their content readability and tone so the content is better understood by the reader.

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Content Website




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This listing is for Passive To Active Voice Converter, a Content Website in the Technology niche. The target audience for this project are writers, bloggers, and content creators.

Passive to Active Voice Converter is a website that generates revenue using Google Adsense and Grammarly Premium.

I started this website to make it a SAAS platform, But due to a lack of resources, I didn’t.

The website is currently generating $400+ in AdSense every month and has the potential to earn more if shifted to Ezoic or Adthrive later and even more if converted to SAAS.

I am selling this to use the fund on one of our main projects.

Traffic Details

This project has had 55,000 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 1 primary way: Search Engines.

Revenue Details

This project has earned $4,800 in revenue in the last 12 months. It earns revenue in 3 primary ways: Affiliate, Display Advertising and Micro-SaaS.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Writers, bloggers, and content creators

What are your traffic sources?

Search Engines

What is your tech stack or platform?


Why are you selling this project?

Needed fund for scale our main website

How would you grow the project?

I would add Ezoic. Write more passive voice and active voice related articles. Maybe convert to SAAS and charge for monthly subscription.

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