Golf Club Pros

Golf Club Pros is a content website making $2,400 a year that helps users find the best golf clubs and equipment.

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Content Website




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This listing is for Golf Club Pros, a Content Website in the Sport niche. The target audience for this project are golfers new to the game or wanting to improve their skills.

A rare opportunity to acquire a complete digital business that includes optimized affiliate website, e-book lead magnet, and very popular Instagram account in the lucrative golfing niche! Whether you’re new to the entrepreneur game or a proven operator then this is the opportunity for you!

Golf has exploded in popularity recently and this is a perfect business well situated to capitalize on this trend. If you want to create a business that aligns with your hobbies (assuming your hobby is golf or making money) then this is your chance.

I have been growing the social media and working on the website content for over a year and I just don’t have the time for it anymore. If you want to grow a successful affiliate, ads, or content business then you have a done-for-you asset ready to go. Golfers are known to be willing spenders with deep pockets, so this business is well suited to continue to grow with the right owner.

The site is completed with blogs, buying guides, and content that is ready to plug in your affiliate links. Additionally, I completed a supplemental e-book that you can use as a lead magnet to grow your email list or new social media channels. The guide is also optimized for your affiliate links.

The business includes a very popular golf Instagram account that reaches well over 600,000 people per month. The account regularly goes viral and often gets tens of thousands of views and hundreds of likes on the posts. All of this growth has been organic — absolutely ZERO paid advertising or boosted posts have gone into this account. The Instagram account makes $200 per month just by posting to reels 1-3 times per day. However, the account is ready to be leveraged for additional partnership or affiliate opportunities to really make money.

A perfect opportunity for a driven individual.

Traffic Details

This project has had 600,000 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 2 primary ways: Facebook and Search Engines.

Revenue Details

This project has earned $2,400 in revenue in the last 12 months. It earns revenue in 3 primary ways: Affiliate, Amazon Associates and Display Advertising.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Golfers new to the game or wanting to improve their skills

What are your traffic sources?

Facebook, Search Engines

What is your tech stack or platform?

Wordpress, Convertkit

Why are you selling this project?

I no longer have the time to continue growing it

How would you grow the project?

Begin reaching out to influencers in the golfing niche without blogs to partner with and feature. Implement a referral system to grow socials/email newsletter.

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