Contapp is a SaaS to help users share, save and manage business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

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This listing is for Contapp, a SaaS in the Technology niche. The target audience for this project are businesses, Marketers, Sales, Business Development, Freelancers, Networkers, Events.

Contapp is a bootstrapped tech startup, launched in March 2020 by the solo founder, Giuseppe Milazzo. Although we launched at the start of COVID (unknown to us), we managed to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Our platform is an innovative, Cloud-based all-in-one solution that improves the way we all manage, save & share business card data, whilst reducing paper waste.

The app is everything you wished your business card could do. We’re on a journey to innovate the way we use business card data in today’s digital world, to become the solution for improving convenience and helping save the planet together.

Our business has a user-centric approach, where we try to involve users at every stage of our development. We’ve worked hard on building a trustworthy brand that brings value to professionals in all industries and levels.

Traffic Details

This project has had 5,000 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 5 primary ways: Email, Facebook, Product Hunt, Search Engines and Twitter.

Revenue Details

This project has earned $15,000 in revenue in the last 12 months. It earns revenue in 5 primary ways: Digital Product, Info Product, Micro-SaaS, SaaS and Subscription.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Businesses, Marketers, Sales, Business Development, Freelancers, Networkers, Events

What are your traffic sources?

Email, Facebook, Product Hunt, Search Engines, Twitter

What is your tech stack or platform?

Kotlin, Swift, NodeJS, Mongo

Why are you selling this project?

Other ventures taking too much of my time and this is the only way Contapp can fulfil its potential.

How would you grow the project?

Certainly exploring more partnerships and integrations into our SaaS platform. This is where we've seen the biggest growth in recent times, as well as dedicating time into high quality social media content & PR opportunities.

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