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Clean My Tweets is a micro-SaaS to help users find and delete their potentially controversial and harmful tweets.

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This listing is for Clean My Tweets, a Micro-SaaS in the Social Media niche. The target audience for this project are active Twitter users - primarily those aged 18-30.

SaaS platform helping users instantly find and delete their potentially harmful tweets.

Bootstrapped startup giving users the ability to easily find and delete any potentially controversial content that they’ve tweeted. In recent years, “old tweets” have derailed careers, ruined reputations and cost people fortunes. We believe that digital citizens have a right to review the things they’ve tweeted in the past and make an informed decision as to whether or not they still support these statements.

Our product is a web application that scans a user’s tweet history for any of over 2,500 potentially controversial statements. Users are presented with their potentially controversial tweets and given the opportunity to delete up to 15 per $10 transaction.

With a massive potential user pool consisting of over 200 million monthly Twitter users between the ages of 13 and 34, is ready and waiting for the right marketer to scale the product!

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This is a pre-traffic product and has not yet had any visitors.

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This is a pre-revenue product and has not yet earned any revenue.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Active Twitter users - primarily those aged 18-30

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What is your tech stack or platform?

Python, FastAPI, Twitter API 2.0, Stripe, Heroku

Why are you selling this project?

I've dreamed of developing this product for years and am incredibly proud to see it complete. Unfortunately, this product requires a marketer with skills beyond mine for it to reach its fullest potential.

How would you grow the project?

I'd market to defined groups of job-seeking individuals (college professional societies and other student orgs), then use that momentum to expand to the remaining job-seeking public.

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