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Book Cover Art (BCA) is an evergrowing curated collection of beautiful book covers and a book cover design studio for self-published authors.

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Content Website




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This listing is for Book Cover Art, a Content Website in the Design niche. The target audience for this project are self-published authors.

Book Cover Art (BCA) is an evergrowing curated collection of beautiful book covers and a book cover design studio for self-published authors.

BCA started as an inspiration gallery, but we’ve decided to add productized service (book cover design). The service is simple and straightforward and offered in 2 options: for ebooks and for ebooks + print. On top of that, authors can get promotional materials (social media images and covers, Facebook and Google ads, etc). 

The project is ready to receive clients: there are 2 designers with project-based contracts ready to jump in the moment you ask them and detailed SOPs explaining the process. They’ve been through the process and know what the expected deliverables are at each stage.

Traffic Details

This project has had 217 visitors in the last 12 months. It gets traffic in 2 primary ways: Search Engines and Twitter.

Revenue Details

This project has earned $630 in revenue in the last 12 months. It earns revenue in 1 primary way: Productized service.

Project FAQs

Who are your target customers?

Self-published authors

What are your traffic sources?

Search Engines, Twitter

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Why are you selling this project?

Increased workload on other projects

How would you grow the project?

There is a potential to grow it as a blog if you are not interested in developing services. With 1.7 million book titles being self-published every year, there is a huge potential audience to reach. Collaborating with writing coaches, editors, and illustrators can help you reach potential readers and customers. If you’d want to get more out of the design services, you could change pricing to increase margin. We initially aimed at 25-30% profit but tried to keep the price affordable. Depending on the designer, you can as well reduce the cost. There’s also an opportunity to add other services like ebook formatting, book launch marketing, and author website design to the mix.

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